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Lincoln Auto Club came to me with a myriad of questions and looking for opportunities and ways to communicate with their large membership base. They required a members only section for information sharing & newsletters. They also wanted a fresh web presence to advertise their club events and showcase to outsiders what the Lincoln Auto Club is about. We developed a simple functional website with News & Events, a Members club and developed a Mailchimp Newsletter design for them to communicate with their members directly.

Client Testimonial

To those who may be seeking Website development.

The ever expanding membership of the Lincoln Auto Club was the catalyst for the Management Committee to seek a more efficient and effective method of communicating with its members.  This was also driven by the increasing cost involved in printing and distributing hard copy communication material in a timely manner.

Upon the recommendation of a local business, we approached Marianne of WebQuarters to design a website that was both modern and easy to use, yet presented the classic look which symbolised the era of our members’ vehicles.

Our brief involved the requirement of the website to communicate outward to our membership, as well as provide an entry point through which members could access important Club documentation, Committee contacts, program of events and up to date reports of Club events and general automotive related news content.  It was also to present the Lincoln Auto Club image outwardly to the public via the WWW, whilst at the same time provide a secure “Members Only” area that addressed our concerns relating to members’ privacy.

Our personal meetings with Marianne during the development of the site enabled us to communicate our concept which was accurately interpreted and ultimately created in the finished product.  We are grateful of the personal yet professional nature of our relationship with WebQuarters.  The training provided by WebQuarters allows the Club to continually update the site with photos and posts, which provides considerable savings.  However, when required it is valuable for us to have Marianne locally accessible to assist in the more complicated and technical “behind the scenes” issues that arise in website management.

We are proud of the image the Lincoln Auto Club’s website presents to the wider classic car community, and thankful for the work it saves our volunteer Committee.  It is also the envy of other Clubs.  We are extremely pleased with the personal and professional approach WebQuarters took in developing a very polished, classic looking product.  Just like the cars we drive!

With regards,

 – Hilton Trigg

Website Project Manger – Editor, Lincoln Auto Club Inc.