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Social Media Packages

The Social Media train steamrolls us all at times, especially how to apply this to your business as a marketing tool. To help with this we have created a social media marketing package to offer for businesses who struggle or even have no social media presence at all.

We can offer a variety of social media campaigns ranging in duration. For example; if you have Facebook down pat, but cant grasp Instagram – we can help integrate & create some Instagram presence. Or if you can cope with social media but can’t write Blogs – we can create a 3 monthly plan to implement blogs, build traffic & increase SEO back to you website.

Below are some of the social media package options:

  • Set up/ Sign up to social platforms
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Website Blogs
  • Sponsored Ads in Facebook/Instagram on the more popular posts
  • Includes a scheduled campaign timeline run by us
  • Newsletters – Mailchimp

Following a campaign or package we can put together insights/reports on what worked for future reference, we can also follow with further training to equip you with the tools to continue on your own if you wish.

Recent Campaigns

We have recently finished a campaign for a client helping them gain followers and likes on their social media pages, these followers then went on to make purchases on their new online shop.

We are also campaigning with a local winery, promoting events, bookings, food menus, new wines & their online shop.

Contact us today to discuss options that would suit you & solutions we can provide. 

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